KPTV Fox12 Oregon News: Home Depot Partnership to Clean up Graffiti

By Fox 12 Stafffox12-oregon_blu-blk12

Police officers and volunteers from Home Depot worked together to clean up graffiti in Beaverton.

Police cleared several homeless camps last year in a forested area along Tualatin Valley Highway west of Southwest 153rd Avenue, citing a safety issue for the hundreds of people who walk along the paved path through the woods.

As the camps were cleaned, landscapers cut back overgrown brush and trimmed several trees to reduce the number of camping locations and increase visibility.

As a result, the overpass that runs along the railroad tracks became more visible from the walking trail. The wall then became a graffiti target for vandals.

The graffiti was painted over, but within two weeks, the walls were tagged again.

Home Depot connected with the Beaverton Police Department in hopes of pursuing a community project. The two sides came together to combat the graffiti issue.

Home Depot provided anti-graffiti paint and supplies to cover the overpass.

The goal of the project and partnership is to increase livability issues within the community.

“This time, luckily, we teamed up with Home Depot. Their generosity of giving us paint, anti-graffiti paint; we’ll paint it and it should never be a problem again,” said Officer Mark Barrowcliff.

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