Literary Corner: Liars and Defilers

The Toxic Sphere Saga Continues! “Toxic Sphere, Volume 2: Liars and Defilers” is published.27-cn-sky

I was blessed to have two amazing events happened in parallel. My first book in the Toxic Sphere series, “Our Goodwill Ship,” won a CIPA EVVY Award. The novel took second place in the Action and Adventure category.  Shortly after I received the award, my second book, “Liars and Defilers,” was published.

I send many thanks to Outskirts Press and MindStir Media for helping me realize my goal of becoming a published author.

About the Book

  • An evil rises.
  • The Last War draws near.

“Perilous times are not uncommon in the annals of human history, but every now and again, events align in ways that ensnare the whole of humanity in madness. Be such times the product of random occurrences or deliberate design, I believe, down to the core of my soul, we have entered one of these eras.”

Bob Fullerby, Investigative Journalist, Andecco News Service (Year 1007 of the Enlightened Epoch)

Investigative journalist Bob Fullerby, leaders of the Back-to-Basics Club, and President Demnar Tarish of Domataland have one thing in common. They are searching for Leeha Ritsagin. She has what they want: the mysterious Guiding Light document.

The Guiding Light isn’t the only disruption to Leeha’s quiet life. A virulent illness strikes, and an unexpected friendship blossoms in the midst of tragedy.

The world beyond the walls of Leeha’s little apartment also roils in turmoil. Senator Bradley Seldortin postpones retirement and joins Bob Fullerby in a desperate attempt to save Cadona, the world’s mightiest nation, from falling into the hands of unscrupulous leaders. Bob, Bradley, and their allies fear the battle may already be lost. A bloody attack sets the Warm Sea ablaze, and an anxious world prepares for war.

The key to victory is the Guiding Light.

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