Literary Corner: The App

Graham Stratton fumed over the statement he’d just received in the mail. CFO of a Fortune 500 company and he’d fallen for the oldest trick in the book. Forty-five thousand dollars he’d invested using the Hoodwin app. It had promised a quick return, free stock trading, the convenience of a slick interface on all mobile devices. He’d gotten screwed. And worse, he’d talked up the app to several of his closest contacts. Business partners, family, friends had all used the app for their investments because of him. He’d have to tell them to pull out, assuming they still could. His credibility would be shot.

“Anita!” he called as he entered their Bel-Air estate from the servants’ entrance. “Anita, we’ll have to put off that trip to the Caymans. And we’d better call your mother.”

“What? Why?” asked his wife from the kitchen.

Graham handed her the statement. She seemed confused, but the signs were all there if you knew what to look for.

“It’s a scam,” he said, gesturing to the statement. “We’ve been robbed.”

*   *   *

Haley White smiled over the thank-you card she’d just received in the mail. This was the best part of her day, seeing the people she’d helped get healthcare or access to fresh water or escape from an abusive situation. Each card meant a life saved, a new beginning for someone whose world had ended or had never had a chance to begin in the first place.

She plopped down in her ratty, second-hand chair and logged on.

“Bye, Hoodwin,” she said wistfully as she scrubbed all trace of the app from her servers. She hated to do it, but several of her uber-wealthy clients would be getting suspicious soon. So to comfort herself, she opened the wireframe for her newest project.

“Hello, RobinsEgg.”

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Mary Elizabeth Summer is the author of the young-adult Trust Me mystery series. She lives in Beaverton with her wife, their daughter, their dog, and their evil overlor—er, cats.