Literary Corner: The Mighty Quinn

By Robyn Parnell02 TMQcover4x6

Quinn Andrews-Lee, the title character of The Mighty Quinn, feels anything but mighty, and faces a dismal school year. His sister outshines him athletically and socially, he yearns for a service award his peers disdain, and charismatic bigot Matt Barker’s goal in life is to torment Quinn and lure away his friends.

When Quinn reports an act of vandalism he is accused of injuring Matt. Neally Standwell, a free-spirited new kid in Quinn’s class, helps Quinn deduce who hurt Matt, but Matt would probably die — and would definitely lie — before admitting the truth. Through events comical and poignant Quinn and Neally solve the right mystery just as everything seems to go wrong and thwart a bully without becoming one in turn. And at the end of the day, the fabled ability to belch the entire alphabet might trump any award ever presented at Turner Creek School.

About the author

Robyn Parnell’s books include an adult short fiction collection (“This Here and Now”) and a children’s picture book (“My Closet Threw a Party). Her short stories have appeared in over 90 books and journals, most of which have not filed for Chapter 11 protection. Parnell lives and writes in Hillsboro.

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