Literary Corner: Zeus and Bo and Fred and Joe and Co: A Collection of Animal Writings from The Writers’ Mill

About the Story32 Zeus_and_Bo_and_Fred_Cover_for_Kindle

One day local author Sheila Deeth visited a fellow member of the Writers’ Mill and met two wonderful dogs called Zeus and Bo. This canine pair became the inspiration for Sheila’s book of children’s stories, Tails of Mystery, published by Linkville Press in Southern Oregon. Lots of Sheila’s stories began their lives as entries in monthly Writers’ Mill contests, where Big Fred and Little Joe, based on Zeus and Bo, solved curious mysteries in their suburban neighborhood. When Sheila was asked to suggest a theme for an upcoming contest, it made sense for her to think of Fred and Joe. So this collection was born. Including tales and photographs of the real-life Zeus and Bo, stories inspired by Sheila’s Fred and Joe, and many other animal-themed entries, in prose, poetry and photograph, it’s a slim, kid-friendly volume with something for everyone. Meet a thoughtful, playful frog. Watch dolphins leap.And look out for crows.

About the Authors

The Writers’ Mill meets  at the Cedar Mill Library, from 1 till 3 on the third Sunday of every month. The group also meets virtually at, where members can enter monthly contests and practice their critiquing skills by leaving comments on entries. Some great speakers lead meetings on poetry, prose, publishing, marketing and more. Notes from their talks might be found on the website. Any local writers or wannabe writers are very welcome to join us. We’re a mixed bunch in age, interests and intent, some writing for family, some published, some working on being published… and all of us working on writing; truly “Writers Helping Writers” as the website proclaims.