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Local Flower Power: Featuring Peterkort Roses

| July 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

By Keith Hill05 Peterkort Roses

Last month we mentioned some of the sources that florists can get their flowers from; including South America, California, and right here in Oregon.

The delicate nature of flowers means they must endure some real travels but most would rather not. This means that local farms have an advantage in how much shipping the flowers must undergo. Shipping can also add 15-20% to the cost of acquiring fresh flowers.

Over the next few months we will explore some of our favorite flower farms right here in the Portland area.

Back in 1923 (nearly 100 years ago!) the Peterkort family started a greenhouse growing operation that included a wide variety of green and blooming products. The Peterkort history is a fascinating look at the history of the local Beaverton area and how urban growth has happened.

The original greenhouses were in an area that now has a hospital, medical offices, freeway interchange, and a light rail transit stop. As you can imagine the clash of city and greenhouse led to the family moving the growing operations to a more pastoral setting.

The greenhouses are now located in south Hillsboro and are run by the grandchildren of the founders. The business is called Peterkort Roses but is moving to other flowers that can benefit from our temperate Oregon climate. Some of the new flower types are Lilies, Freesia, anemones, and celosia.

Norman Peterkort and his sister Sandra Lubenthal run the day to day greenhouse operation and Norm has some real killers as friends. A few years ago in conjunction with the Oregon State Extension service the greenhouse has been using predator insects to eliminate the ever present Aphid population. Thank mini predator drones for reducing and eliminating the need for chemicals making the greenhouse more earth-friendly.

Beaverton Florists has used Peterkort Roses (and the other flowers) for many years and is proud of the heritage of long term, local farm to market business model and look forward to  more products, and the friendships that have been a plus to all our continued success.

Since 1943, Beaverton Florist has been delivering smiles across the Portland Metro area with flowers for every occasion. Visit or call us at 503-644-0129

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