Local History: Our Town – Our Story: Summer Memories from Beaverton’s Past, One family’s memories from the 1920s to the 1960s

By Jeannette Culver07 Beaver Baseball Game in the 1920s

Jeannette Culver’s family has lived in Beaverton for generations and here are a few Summer highlights that her and her family members have done over the years

  • 1925: During the summer, it was fun looking for a good book to read at the Beaverton Library which was located in the city’s first brick structure, the Cady Building (currently stands on the corner of Farmington and Watson).
  • 1927: The young people of Beaverton Church of Christ joined with a group of young people from Cedar Mills in a picnic at Shady Acres on the Pudding River.
  • 1927: We often went swimming at the Beaverton High School Pool or just rode our bikes around town.
  • 1938: The Kiwanis Club discussed topics of interest at the Library
  • 1940: I remember watching the Beaverton softball team loose to Forest Grove 6 to 8 at the Beaverton Athletic Field.1943: The Ritz Theatre had evening shows that started at 7:30 PM and featured NEWS: AT THE FRONT which was always captivating.
  • 1945: Having dinner and then dancing at the Old Heidelberg Park on Canyon Rd. was great summer fun in 1945.
  • 1959: We watched Porgy and Bess on Catfish Row;
  • 1959: On August 6, Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation district held a Swim-o’rama with five water ballet groups performing along with comic and exhibition divers
  • 1959: On August 11, the Oregon cavalcade of wagons passed through town at 10am. Mayor Earl Fisher and Chief of Police Charles McCarthy met the covered wagon train on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway and traveled down Broadway with them to Hwy 8.
  • 1968: I liked watching Roy Rogers Cowboy movies at the Beaverton Valley Theater, Joy, or Drive-In Theater;
  • 1968: That summer I was so happy to buy boots at “The Wigwam” store on Canyon Rd.
  • 1968: I loved to go horseback riding at a nearby stable or cruise the streets in my roadster.

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