Lose Fat Efficiently With Strength Training and Healthy Eating

By Curves/Jenny Craig28 Curves 1

What’s the first thing people do to drop pounds?

Cut calories by eating less. And the second? Burn calories by exercising more. And all because fewer calories leads to fewer pounds, right? Right—to a point.

Research shows that restricting calories can reverse your fortune if you overdo it. Consuming too few calories sends famine signals to your body, which reins in your metabolism in order to conserve energy. This in turn slows, and may even halt, weight loss. How do you keep the fires of calorie-burn bright and, better yet, shrink fat and not muscle? With a combination of regular strength training and healthy eating.

Strength training alone may not torch as many calories as cardio within the same time frame, but what it does way better than cardio is build muscle, which boosts resting metabolism and accelerates weight loss.

Plus, if you want to trim fat from your figure, keep foods high in added sugar like pastries, desserts, and candy to a minimum. Your body burns glucose (blood sugar), along with some protein and fat, for fuel throughout the day, but excess glucose gets stored as—you guessed it—fat.

Of course, you don’t want to overdo it on high-fat foods either because they are calorie-dense. While protein and carbohydrates deliver 4 calories per gram, fat carries 9 calories per gram, which can add up quickly if you’re doing the math or checking your weight on the scale.

Is there anything you can eat more of to help you achieve your weight-loss goals? Yes, protein—it’s the building block of calorie-burning muscle and it helps keep you satisfied so you don’t overeat. A 2009 study found that individuals who followed a higher-protein weight-loss plan lost more abdominal fat (associated with cardiovascular disease) than those on a standard-protein diet—even more reason to get plenty of protein throughout the day.

Help with setting an appropriate calorie goal for weight loss, participating regularly in a strength-training and cardiovascular program, and following a diet with healthy carb, protein, and fat ratios is included conveniently in one place—at Curves/Jenny Craig.

All you need to do is get with the program so to speak and watch the pounds, and fat, peel away.

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