Meet Beaverton’s Super Kids: Highlighting local kids who excel at school

Meet Graham (13), Hayden (11), Jennings (9), Emery (6), four siblings super kids who are working above their grade level. Emery and Jennings are working two years above grade level, Hayden and Graham are working one year above grade level.30 November 2015 Oelke family

Graham (13)

Graham is happiest outside! He loves gardening (growing pumpkins and zucchini) and riding his mountain bike. Graham has played baseball since he was 5. He is a pitcher, infielder and outfielder. Graham is playing on his fourth season of competitive basketball. Last year, Graham represented Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Alaska in a national free throw competition. He is a member of the National Junior Honor Society.

Hayden (11)

Hayden is our own Bear Grylls. He loves trekking through our backyard forest and working on a homegrown mountain bike trail. Hayden relishes the ocean. This past spring he was able to make his first Scuba dive over 30 feet. No fear! He is on his second season of Tigard football and has played baseball since he was 5. His favorite subject in school is math!

Jennings (9)

Jennings is a huge sports fan. He loves the Blazers and the Oregon Ducks. Jennings is playing his second year of competitive basketball and his first season of Tigard football. He has also played baseball for 5 years. Jennings loves to play Clash of Clans and Madden mobile. He also enjoys reading great books. Jennings favorite subject in school is math!

Emery (6)

Emery has been dancing at Westside Dance Academy since she was 2 1/2. She is currently participating in her first season of soccer and enjoying every moment of it. Emery adores American Girl dolls and playing with her two dogs, Champ and Wrigley. She started kindergarten this fall and loves going to school.

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