Meet Beaverton’s Super Kids: Highlighting local kids who excel at school

This month’s super kids features soon to be 6th grader Elina Deshpande. Elina is working an amazing three years above grade level in both math and reading!

Introducing Elina27 Elina photo 2

Elina enjoys dance any time of the day and makes the living room in her house her practice place pretty much all the time. She is taking dance lessons at Element Dance Studio and is on the Jazz performing company which has won numerous Platinum and Diamond Awards at the Nationals. She is also taking Piano lessons and is a member of National Piano Guild Society.

While she enjoys dancing, she is also very focused on academics. After taking the 6th grade math placement test, she is skipping the 6th grade math and is poised to enter the fast paced math program, where she will start earning high school credits in the middle school. Her love for math comes mainly from her Dad, but also from her 5th grade math teacher Mr. Simpson and Mrs. Bailey from the Kumon center.

Outside of her dance classes, school and Kumon, she participates in the India Day at Pioneer Square every year. She has also performed at Cultural Fair at The Standard Insurance Company where her mom works. She was a regular fixture at the Science Fair and Talent show at her Elementary School and represented her school at the Science Fair held at Tektronix in April 2015.

Elina has received few judge’s choice awards and best in the show for her Solo at Dance Competitions and almost a perfect score for her last year’s National Piano Guild Exam.

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