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Meet Larry Ferguson, Beaverton’s Car Guy

| July 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

Looking for a car?

Larry Fergusen portraitLarry Ferguson has been in the automotive industry for over 25 years. His success and large number of repeat clients is directly contributed to excellent customer service, detailed product knowledge and the desire to make sure you walk away happy. He may not sell you a car, but you will walk away a friend.

Larry has several degrees in automotive technology and a life-long passion with cars. After holding positions in service, sales and management, he was able to combine his passion and knowledge as a Corporate Sales Manager. Fleet or Commercial Sales traditionally has been for purchasing cars in bulk. However, Larry works with savvy buyers for individual sales too.

Why talk to Larry?

No wheeling and dealing with the retail sales department. Bypassing the salesperson saves the time and stress of back and forth negotiating.

No mysterious conferences with the sales manager and the finance department. He saves his time and yours by handling the operation from start to finish. And time is money.

The corporate sales side deals in greater volume and can offer a better price.

The fleet side has less overhead than the retail side and often benefits from a holdback (kickback) directly from the manufacturer exclusive to the Fleet Department.

He is more knowledgeable about their product than most salespeople and can more easily — and willingly — locate a different color or option package at a different dealership.

Tips when talking to Larry

Do your homework so you know exactly what you want. One reason that Larry can give you the price he does, is that you are ordering a product, not taking his time to gather information, kick tires and make up your mind.

Tell Larry what you want. If he doesn’t have it on hand, it can probably be located elsewhere for you.

The secret to wholesale

"Wholesale" is a word that lights up most shoppers’ eyes. But many of even the savviest shoppers don’t know that the car market has an equivalent to "wholesale." You can begin to unwrap the secret that will save you time and money if you can say "Fleet Manager."

Traditionally, the Fleet Manager of a dealership is in charge of selling cars and trucks in bulk to construction companies, rental agencies, sales departments, gas and electric companies, etc. Then a few insiders discovered that they could buy just one car from the Fleet department and still get the bulk sales benefits.

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