Message from the Chief: School Safety

01 InterimChiefJimMongerChief Jim Monger

As summer winds down and kids are headed back to school, I want to emphasize Beaverton’s commitment to safety within the schools and throughout the community.

The Beaverton Police Department has seven school resource officers (SROs) and a school resource sergeant that are welcomed into over 60 schools across Beaverton. In addition to serving as a resource to students, parents, and teachers, our SROs offer peace of mind in light of the rise in school violence which has taken place across the nation. The SROs also participate in many after school activities and functions such as sporting events, socials, and parades. They are committed to supporting the children not only in their education, but also in other aspects that shape their lives.

In addition to school safety, there are a number of ways the city is keeping the community safe, such as ensuring the city’s water quality meets state and federal requirements, inspecting our homes, schools and businesses to make sure they meet safety standards, and designing safe routes for residents to get where they need to go. Beaverton is also moving forward with plans for a new building for police and emergency services. A new public safety center will be built to modern earthquake and safety standards to ensure uninterrupted police and emergency services in the event of a natural disaster. The project will also allow the police department to have appropriate space to meet and interview crime victims, ensure that minors are appropriately separated from in-custody adults, and improve efficiency by consolidating police functions under one roof.

For more information on school resource officers or the public safety center, please visit