Non-Profit Spotlight Story: Good Samaritan Ministries

By Bethany Stroup18 GSM Group Photo

Good Samaritan Ministries (GSM) is a faith-based counseling organization with headquarters in Beaverton, OR. The mission of GSM is to transform lives to further the Kingdom of God, where all walks of life can come to find love and acceptance.

Over the years, GSM has developed into an organization that now has hundreds of trained counselors across the globe, ready and willing to serve. Employed with a small staff and led by director Teresa Stroup, a licensed clinical social worker who previously spent 20 years as a counselor before taking on her new role in 2015, Mrs. Stroup oversees more than 200 centers across 30 countries.

Local services at the Beaverton headquarters include counseling for adults, children and teens; for addiction and trauma recovery; marriage, couples, and family counseling; and group therapy and training courses. All services are offered on a donation-basis, with no fees, ever.

With active offices in the Northwest and globally, the organization provides aid services, ministries to widows and orphans, microcredit projects for sustainability in third- world counties, counseling and group therapy, addiction groups, and recovery centers.

Notably, 100 percent of funding comes from private, individual donations. GSM is in need of passionate people willing to serve their community to train as lay-counselors, or for professional counselors to donate time at the Beaverton center. The training program is taught by skilled counselors who approach counseling from an evidence-based and faith-informed viewpoint.

To learn how you can get involved, please visit us at or call 503-644-2339.