Not Just For Seniors: The Only Constant is Change

By Rhonda Kay Leonarduhs-logo

Do you feel overwhelmed with change in your life?  It’s no wonder; seniors encounter more change in this stage of human development than in most other life stages.  Major changes and life transitions older people often experience include:

  • Accepting services (e.g., delivered meals).
  • Adjusting to an illness.
  • Adapting to a device (e.g., cane, hearing aid).
  • Becoming a family caregiver.
  • Being on a fixed income.
  • Changing driving habits or ceasing driving.
  • Finding meaning and purpose after a career.
  • Losing a spouse or significant other.
  • Moving from a familiar home.
  • Needing assistance in the home. (University of Cincinnati, Ohio, 2011).

Even one of these challenges may feel daunting.  If you or someone you care about is in a time of transition it may help to remind yourself of some of the other challenges you’ve overcome in your lifetime.  Seniors are incredibly resilient!

Here are a few tips taken from a training resource (Look Closer, See Me) to help you to adapt to change:

  • Seek information that will help you understand the situation and reduce fear. If you feel confused, be patient with yourself and ask more questions.
  • Strengthen relationships with people you trust by sharing your thoughts and feelings with them.
  • Allow people you trust to partner with you in your wellbeing. Ask for their insights.
  • Tell others how they might help. People who care about you will be relieved by not having to guess.
  • Accept support from both informal (friends, family, neighbors) and formal (healthcare professional) helpers.
  • Embrace your freedom of choice.
  • Identify solutions: what does successfully adjusting and adapting to this change mean to you?

Adapting to change is not only possible it is inevitable.  United Homecare Services wants you to know you don’t have to go through it alone.

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