Not Just For Seniors: UHS Celebrates Family Caregiver Month in November

By Rhonda Kay Leonarduhs-logo

Did you know that 80%-90% of all caregiving is provided by non-paid family members? United Homecare Services honors all those individuals who help their disabled friends, parents and neighbors with activities of daily living. Here are ways you care “Around the Clock”, this year’s theme designated by the Caregiver Action Network:

Mornings: The average family caregiver works outside the home. You make sure your loved one has what they need for the day before getting yourself out the door for work.

All day long: About 70% of the time family caregivers manage the medications.

During the workday: juggling caregiving and work is no small feat; and, you take time off from work when your loved one is in need.

Evening: You ensure that everyone gets proper nutrition. Nutrition helps maintain strength, energy, stamina and a positive attitude.

Late at night: You need to rest and recharge. Realize that taking time for yourself is vital to caring for others in the long run.

Middle of the night: You are prepared to respond to an emergency.

Chances are you’ve provided care to others throughout your lifespan. We find most caregiving professionals (people who get paid for services) do what they do because they helped a friend or family member, and found the experience tremendously rewarding. This month, United Homecare Services is sending a big shout out to all family caregivers.

Thank you for doing what you do! Our world is better because of you!

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