School Bus Refresher: When You Need to Stop

Traffic – where to stop for school busses. You see a school bus with flashing amber and27 Traffic-where-to-stop-for-school-busses then red lights.  You got this, but then doubt sets in, so you brake, speed up, slow down, and just go!  Let us smooth your morning decision making a bit.

On a highway with a painted center median, turn lanes, or two double lines separating the directions of travel, all lanes must stop.

On a divided highway (two separate roads separated by a green space, trees, or any unpaved median) the lanes traveling in the same direction as the bus must stop.

2012-2013 Oregon Driver Manual. Amber lights are like yellow traffic lights that tell you a red light is imminent – assess your safest response depending on whether you are behind or beside the bus.  The red lights mean stop (period).

We could tell you the fine for not stopping for a school bus, but the point is really to keep everyone safe – isn’t that enough?