Senior Living: Simple Pleasures

By Rhonda Kay Leonarduhs-logo

The daffodils are blooming in Beaverton; spring is in the air!  Budding trees and spring flowers remind us of life yet lived.  Out of baron winter the earth breaks forth into spectacles of color and beauty.  Spring arouses the senses: a feast for the eyes, fragrant smells for the nose, the sound of giggling children starting to play outside again, warm sun beams dancing on one’s sky-turned face.  These are simple pleasures.

Simple pleasures boost our mood and lighten our load. Caregiver and elder alike, we all need joy.  To that end, join us in seeking out simple pleasures this spring.  What brings you joyfulness?  Here’s a short list to consider:

  1. Listening to your favorite music
  2. Getting a hand or foot massage
  3. Spending time with people you love
  4. Colorful sunrises or sunsets on the beach
  5. Looking at your favorite flower
  6. Crawling into clean warm bed sheets
  7. The toothless grin of a baby
  8. Making someone smile
  9. Helping someone in need
  10. Watching puppies, play, snuggle or doing about anything
  11. Re-reading your favorite book from childhood
  12. Homemade apple pie
  13. A good hug
  14. Sharing an inside joke
  15. Holding a purring cat
  16. Listening to chirping birds in the morning
  17. Eating a colorful meal from pretty dishes
  18. Engaging in a meaningful conversation
  19. Sitting around a campfire with friends
  20. Appreciating seasonal changes: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

Everyone enjoys different things.  Make your own list, and pursue it!  Simple pleasures are right at hand, if we only take the time to enjoy them!

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