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Speeder Spotlight: Opal Institute

| June 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

Are “Golden Years” really golden? At the OPAL Institute, providers promote the philosophy that every person deserves opportunities to live a rewarding, happy life at any age. Through an emphasis on health and wellness, OPAL Institute staff strive to optimize the aging process. They specialize in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and support for people navigating the aging process.

“Neuronal plasticity is a fancy way of saying that the brain can continue to grow and develop at any age,” notes Dr. Amy Schultz, clinical geropsychologist with the OPAL Institute. She explains that very intelligent and capable people can get stuck when confronted with life challenges, and that collaborating with a psychologist can open new ideas for change.

The OPAL Institute offers psychotherapy that targets everyday problems, chronic pain and other health issues, adjustment to life transitions, or dealing with a diagnosis of dementia. A new medication monitoring program helps patients and prescribing doctors closely communicate and make changes to medications that target emotional functioning. Staff specialize in diagnosis and guidance for people who may be experiencing memory problems or other issues with healthy brain functioning. A thorough evaluation can help people realize that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and there are strategies to work around particular issues.

Today is the first day that you are your current age. You can’t be expected to know how to age successfully, because you’ve never done it before! Dr. Marsha Green quickly assesses how she can help with the intersection of aging, medical, and mental health concerns. Dr. Green has developed a chronic pain evaluation and consultation program at OPAL Institute to assist older adults who have chronic pain.

Figuring out how to thrive with aging or medical changes is key to achieving an excellent quality of life.  OPAL Institute staff are available to discuss opportunities for making positive change in your aging process.
Remember to check your speed and enjoy the ride!

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