Sustainability: Solar Ahead!

By City Sustainability Staff03 sustain solar

With spring just around the corner and sunnier days ahead, it’s the perfect time to consider going solar! To help Beaverton residents purchase and install solar Photo Voltaic (PV) systems, the City of Beaverton will be launching a Solarize campaign later this year. The Solarize campaign gives community members the opportunity to install solar at lower group rates – often 10-20% lower than standard pricing. The group rates are limited time offers that help communities go solar, while installers benefit from the campaign by saving on marketing and outreach costs. The City of Beaverton already had a successful Solarize campaign in 2010-12 that helped educate community members on solar energy, simplified the installation process and reduced costs.

Why go solar? Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy resource that helps mitigate the impacts of climate and environmental issues, supports job creation and economic development and decreases reliance on fossil fuel. Plus, solar resources (sunlight) are totally free!

Think it’s too cloudy in Beaverton? The cities of the Portland Metropolitan Area average over 2,300 hours of sunshine a year, a number much higher than Germany, the global leader in solar energy production. This gives Beaverton the opportunity to greatly expand its solar energy production.

If you and your community are interested in going solar, keep an eye out for Solarize education materials and events on the City of Beaverton’s website and local community news outlets.