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Literary Corner: Harvestmen

There is an old, wooden shed under a mountain of ivy where the harvestmen come and go. The ancient hinges, rusted the color of dried blood, creak when the door is pulled open. The rocky hills echo their groans of protest,...

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Literary Corner: No Caller ID

Her phone vibrated next to her, its buzzing echoing loudly through the empty warehouse. Late again, as she had been every night this week, preparing for the audit she’d known was coming since the rumored layoffs began. She...

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Literary Corner: Swipe Right

He should have known better than to swipe right. He had known better, in fact. The entire time he’d been composing a witty introduction, he’d thought to himself, this is a bad idea, Todd. The post had sounded too good to be...

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Literary Corner: Nightmare Hotel

“Hello, this is the Nightmare Hotel. How may we frighten you today?” “Oh, um…my brother texted me this number?” “Ah, yes. Daniel Eaton, I presume?” “Yeah. This is, uh…this is a hotel?” “Correct. We provide a range of services,...

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