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Tales of a Beaverton Super-Mom: Moving On to a New Stage

| October 1, 2014 | 0 Comments

By Maureen Wilson

My mama always said that life is just a bunch of stages, and whichever one you’re in always feels like it’s never going to end…until you’re long past it and suddenly realize it’s over, and then there’s nothing left but the pining.

As with most things my mama says, I’ve discovered this is pretty accurate. Our family has slowly graduated from the sleepless nights and potty training and toddler tantrums and preschool co-op, and now, suddenly, all of our children are in full-day school, I’m back to working almost full-time, and my husband is coaching middle school sports. (Middle School! Like the one that comes before high school!)

The kids are arguably somewhat self-reliant, nobody needs me 24-7, and we even seem to have some sort of system in place that keeps the house running–which, for a number of years, I was pretty sure would never happen again.

18-super-mom-leadSo although there is always some sadness in watching a chapter close, there is also that little excitement of wondering what’s around the bend…and I’m feeling ready for where this ship is heading, because I’ve been a mom long enough now to get that this part of the journey will be different than anything I’ve imagined and will, inevitably, have highs and lows…but it will also be the only time we’re in this particular stage, so we might as well put on our life jackets and ride those waves with a grin.

In a minor melancholy moment the other day, after watching my suddenly very grown-up 5 yr-old walk herself down the hill to school, open those big double doors, and disappear inside without looking back, I remembered a moment recently where I’d picked her up in the kitchen and tried to lift her in the air when I asked, “Where did my baby GOOOO????” “She’s right HERE, mama!” she said with a confused smile. “I’m right here in your arms!! Can’t you FEEL me?? I’ll ALWAYS be your baby!” Wish I was able to get that in writing. And notarized.

But even though she’s quite independent in her new school world, she’s also apparently still young enough to have a ton of faith in me. As I was frantically searching for a fish recipe about 10 minutes before we were supposed to eat dinner last night, she said, “You don’t need to use that computer! Just use your HEAD! Be resourceful! Like those guys in ‘Chopped’!”

And I love that her life is still simple enough that our neighborhood and familiar routes are as big as the world gets. While I was reading to her, she asked me what, exactly, does “famous” mean? “Well,” I reply, “it’s sort of like when everybody knows you wherever you go.” “OH! Like when you go to Costco? Or Safeway? And we have to stop so you can talk to everybody?” Um, no. That’s just your normal, every-day, chatty mother.

The last few years I’ve spent a little time documenting some of the more humorous moments of my children’s lives, and thank goodness for this opportunity, because I am the WORST scrapbook mom EVER. So really, this whole writing gig has at least ensured that at least a small piece of their childhood has been captured.

But I’m feeling like we’re moving on to a new stage…one with new adventures and new struggles and, predictably, a few funny moments that I may not even recall someday when I look back. But that’s okay. I’m passing the baton on to the next generation, because it’s time for my children to start writing their own stories—in their own words.

Message from the editor:

Dear Maureen, thank you ever so much for opening your life, heart and family to us these past couple years. Your insight into parenthood, as revealed through your unique writing style, wit and charm, brought smiles, laughs and even some tears to our readers and followers of this column. You are truly a SuperMom… but better yet, a super neighbor that’s helping to make Beaverton the best DAM city in Oregon! Sincerely, Michael L. Wong (Editor)

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