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Tales of a Beaverton Super-Mom: Sports and How We View Them

| July 1, 2014 | 0 Comments

24 SupermomWe recently had our initiation into children’s competitive sports when our 9 yr-old tried out for a classic soccer team. Although most parents vehemently protest against the current system of youth sports that encourages (requires?) year-round play by late elementary school, we also all continue jumping through the hoops for fear of our children losing out down the road. Here’s what I’m left feeling:

  • I miss my childhood.
  • I miss being able to play several sports each year, and no one expected much out of me when any of the seasons were over…except to show up again next year.
  • I miss that in my little town, you could be an athlete and a thespian and a musician and on student council and the newspaper and take family trips and waste away entire afternoons with friends and understand that the weekend actually meant down time.
  • I miss that you could choose to not be involved in much of anything, and no one would even bat an eye if you didn’t “specialize” by the time you were 10.
  • I miss that you could try out a sport for the first time in middle school, find you love it, and know you weren’t already behind.
  • I miss a community of coaches that never even considered if you’d someday play college ball…they were just glad they had enough kids to fill a team.
  • I miss that attending summer camps was not expected, but instead showed you were crazy- passionate about a sport…AND that you were dedicated enough to earn the money to go!
  • I miss the idea of a tournament being a huge deal, reserved for varsity athletes, and usually only something you would do if you actually made it to State…not something you were committed to every weekend.
  • I miss parents like my own, who never bad-mouthed a single coach and always told me that if I had a problem with my lack of playing time, I needed to figure out a way to make myself better.
  • I miss that by the end of the season, the after-game tab at Dairy Queen was probably more than the actual fee to play.
  • I miss playing for the love of something, and not because you feel like you have no choice if you want to continue moving up with your age group.

Don’t get me wrong–I love many of the opportunities our children have today. I just wish that some of them didn’t come at such a personal expense.

Since the tryouts, we’ve had many dinner table conversations about sports and how we view them, and the girls were recently discussing their favorites by season.

  • Milan: “If I HAD to pick, I’d choose volleyball, swimming, and lacrosse.”
  • Aurelia; “I’m probably soccer, basketball, and track.”
  • Kiana: “Ummm…I like pirouette-ing when I’m pitcher?? And tetherball. And DEFINITELY Running from the Boys.”

I think the kindergartener is on to something, friends. And her favorites might be all the organized sports a child really needs.

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