The Joy of Heated Salt Water Serenity

By Tamara KnowlesTurtles Yoga & Wellness

The joy of swimming in a heated salt-water pool…. The sensation of silky liquid movement running over your hands; pressing against a force that is at once both pliable and resistant as your feet drift above the pool floor. The sensation of being supported by a soft pillow of liquid as you breathe deeply in…and then out again.

Warm water engulfing you with each step you take into the pool. The deeper you go the more your stressed, aching joints listen to the siren call of the heat and start to relax. Your heart rate slows; your breathing starts to come from deep in the belly. Your neck and shoulders relax, perhaps for the first time all day.

You move, slowly. Your only focus: close your eyes, and just breath in and out. The rush of the cars and the verbosity of people float away as heat seeps through your muscles and gently tends to your worries. You forget about everything, and all your senses are coaxed into stillness.

You lay back, extending your arms and legs and they are encouraged to float in the deliciously delicate warmth. Someone may quietly pass you by, but you don’t care. This is your time; time for self-love and self-care. You do this to be a better version of yourself — and exit refreshed, ready for what comes next. The best part? As wonderful as it feels to enjoy the water, the lingering health benefits can include stress-relief, managing arthritis, fibromyalgia, or chronic pain, better heart health and overall muscle tone, and improved skin. We invite you to experience this for yourself here in Beaverton.

Tamara Knowles runs the front desk at Turtles Wellness & Yoga (see ad page 3) where they have a heated salt water pool. For information on enjoying our pool, contact us at 503-574-4711 or visit