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Traffic Q&A with the Beaverton Police Department

| May 8, 2013 | 0 Comments

By Officer Mark Hyde

Q:  Sometimes when I see cars pulled over by a police vehicle, they are stopped in no parking areas like the bike lane on Murray Blvd causing cars to swing wide around them. My question is when the police pull over a car, should the car pull over immediately regardless of where they are or should they continue until they reach the first safe legal area to pull over, like a parking lot or side street?

A:  That is a tough one since we are told to pull over immediately when the emergency lights are turned on. My traffic sergeant says that if the driver signals for a turn and drives a reasonable distance to pull over in a parking lot or side street, it’s probably OK if it’s not too far. Slow down, signal and/or turn on emergency lights to show officer that you acknowledge his/her presence.

Q:  When I see a Sheriff’s police car driving on Beaverton streets, are they passing through or are they actually on patrol?

A:  Calls are generated based on where the incident took place. Beaverton Police would generally manage calls that occurred in the city and Sheriff’s personnel would be responsible for those incidents within the unincorporated area. Follow-up to those calls could cause the BPD Officer to travel outside the city and for a Deputy to come into the city. Traffic enforcement in the city could be done by BPD people, Sheriff’s Deputies or State Troopers since law enforcement personnel have statewide jurisdiction. Travelling through Beaverton to go on a call or stop at the East Precinct on SW Murray Blvd. is also a possibility.

Q:  Is it legal to have blue lights (i.e. fog lights) illuminated on the front or back of a vehicle driving on a public roadway?

A:  No, you may not have blue lights. The appropriate two statutes (ORS 816.360 and 816.350) working in concert only allow emergency vehicles (police and fire) to display blue lights.

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