Travel Beaverton & Beyond: Japan, pick your season

26 Mt FujiWith the prediction of the Cherry Blossoms blooming in Japan around March 24th, the estimated best viewing is forecasted to be around March 28 – April 8th.

Japan tours and independent travel to Japan has been a popular destination request for 2018. And rightly so..

Dozens of convenient flights from the west coast and a ‘no visa’ requirement make it easier than ever to plan a trip to this island nation. The backdrop of the ancient temples and towering skyscrapers captivates visitors year-round.

Pick your season.

You’re bound to be enraptured wherever you go regardless of the time of year. Japan graces its visitors with natural beauty, paper lanterns, and world-class entertainment, island seclusion, and modern discoveries as well.

And those are just a few of the reasons why nature-lovers, party-goers, foodies and history buffs flock to a place that truly has it all.

Be sure to put at least a few of Japan’s 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites at the top of your sightseeing itinerary. Among the most popular are Ancient Kyoto’s iconic Golden Pavilion, a Buddhist temple known for its magnificent architecture and tranquil gardens; the Tomioka Silk Mill; and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial. Experience the high-energy capital city of Tokyo, and don’t miss the spectacular views from the observation desks of Tokyo Tower and the even taller Tokyo Skytree.

From the Buddhist monks of Koyasan to the high rollers of Tokyo, capture the many faces of Japan by savoring the regions culinary delicacies and the beautiful views of Mt. Fuji. Stay in a traditional Ryokan, enjoy a traditional tea ceremony and really immerse yourself in the local culture. What a great combination of the traditional and the contemporary, this adventure provides a taste of the rich culture of Japan.

Your itinerary may include a wide variety of travel options, including cruise itineraries, escorted land tours, bullet trains and inter-Japan flights get you to where you want to go within the country. No matter how you decide to explore the Land of the Rising Sun, be prepared to be awed by a culture of striking contrasts, where ancient traditions coexist seamlessly with cutting-edge innovations.

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