Travel Beaverton & Beyond: Marquesas Islands

South Pacific Series28 Marquesas Islands

This is a limited series on the islands of the South Pacific. Each month will feature one of the iconic islands of the beautiful South Pacific. Thanks to my special relationship with several south pacific wholesalers, we have the most comprehensive travel packages to any of the islands at great airfare and hotel package prices. Great for honeymoons and other romantic special occasions.

About the Marquesas Islands

A 3 hour and 45 minute flight from Papeete, the Marquesas feel fierce and untamed, seemingly lost at the end of the earth. This world belongs to the past where the spirits of the ancient ‘ma’ohi’ still live. The islands rise in sharp pinnacles almost in defiance of the Pacific Ocean. Even now, some of the islands remain virtually untouched since the era of the European exploration. Known as Henua Enana (Land of Men), the isolation of the Marquesas has created a race of strong people of immense pride and a fascinating culture. The Marquesan language is unique to the ‘The Islands of Tahiti’. The lilting dialect reflects the ancient Polynesian tongue of ‘ma’ohi’, the original island settlers. Natural wonders abound as 1,000 foot waterfalls cascade down volcanic cliffs, and towering mountains disappear into the clouds.

Nuku Hiva – The largest island in the Marquesas, Nuku Hiva exists between the past and the present. Venture into the tropical forests by horseback. Journey to the high mountains, remote beaches, hidden waterfalls and jungle-like forests.

The primal landscape stands defiantly above the sea, between fear and awe. Its towering spire-like peaks, secluded, lush valleys, ancient sites, fjord-like bay and waterfalls so high that most of the falling water evaporates as it descends, challenges your senses as much as it ignites your imagination. The woodcarving on this island is as renowned as the horsemanship. The fierceness of the warriors, as much as the loyalty. You’ll find stone carvings in a style that exists in no other region of the world and massive ancient’s sites. The island seems like the perfect place to abandon the world and exist among the land and the gods.

Getting around the Marquesas is a unique experience in itself. Air Tahiti provides non-stop service from Papeete seven days a week. Always an adventure, travel to and from the airport should be pre-arranged by your Travel Agent. Depending on the road conditions and your choice, airport transfers can either by boat, 4X4, truck or horseback. Travel around the islands require planning in advance as well. It is advisable to hire a guide to negotiate the steep, rugged and unfamiliar roads occasionally used by herds of wild horses. Motor boat rentals also offer an enjoyable way to explore dramatic bays and shorelines.

Your South Sea adventure. It’s closer than you think and easier to travel than you might imagine!

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