Travel, Beaverton & Beyond: Set Your Sights on SE Asia, Part 2

This is my personal journey through the Mekong Delta. I’ll have to make do and cut my29-se-asia story short for the column. But I think you get the idea of what an incredible journey this was for everyone involved.

After traveling most of the day we finally made it to Vietnam for the first leg of our Mekong Delta river cruise aboard the AMA Waterways, AMADara.

This day was pretty much a ‘recovery’ day for most of us, having landed at various times throughout the day into Saigon. The weather was ‘hot and sticky’ to say the least. Once we all checked in with our coordinator, they piled us into the motor coach for the 2 hour ride to the ship.

The AMADara was fantastic, with an Asian flare to the décor. Our Vietnamese and Cambodian crew welcomed us with a cool towel and flavored water. This is to be our protocol whenever we came back on board the ship from an excursion into the villages.

The Mekong River is not that wide. You can see the bank on either side and see the villages as we cruised by. However, I expected the river to be a bit muddy with all the floating markets, but looked more like chocolate milk.

Our first village, Cai Be is a very well-known floating market in South Vietnam. All transactions are conducted on the water and it was interesting to see everyday life on the water.

In Tan Chau we traveled via ‘trishaw’ to the local shops of silk and mat factory. Traveling by trishaw was a wonderful way to see the town and interact with the locals. Back on board the ship, we were shown a movie of the history of the killing fields, which was our excursion for the next day.

As we travel up to Tonle Sap Lake, we near the end of our cruise through two amazing countries.

We did a lot on this river cruise, from Tuk Tuk rides, to participating in the Alms Blessing, visiting all the different villages, temples, monasteries, and of course the warmth of the people that we met along the way. will always be with me.

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