Vendor Spotlight: Bonsante Gourmet Dog Food

Bonsante gourmet dog food was born of a desire to feed the most healthful, natural and brg_logo_stackedhigh quality foods to my beloved pets.

Disclaimer – I am not making any claims that Bonsante cures anything. This is just my story, why I started making pet food, and the inspiration for Bonsante gourmet dog food.

Our pet food is made with love, and contains only human-grade ingredients and never any preservatives. We prepare our pet foods in a kitchen, not in a lab or processing plant, and use methods of cooking that help to retain the maximum nutritive content in the food. All of our recipes and products are tested and reviewed by our board-certified staff veterinarian, and taste tested by real dogs and cats, who don’t pull any punches where flavor is concerned!

Even though my journey began with a cat, we have decided to focus on dog food for our flagship products. There was so much interest from dog owners and enthusiasts, and we live in one of the ‘dog-friendliest’ areas of the country, so it seemed like the right thing to do. But cat lovers take note: there are Bonsante cat meals in our future plans.

In fact, we have only just begun to create our line of healthful, natural pet food products, and we guarantee your furry friends are going to go nuts over them! Bonsante is currently focused on our proprietary beef and turkey based fresh dog foods, but we have pet treats and pet ice cream coming on board soon, so stay tuned! (maybe create a signup for your newsletter/blog?)

Vendor Spotlight: Baird Family Farms

Back in the 1970s, Don Baird, his wife Kathy, and their two young kids, Trevor and Jennifer, began farming a small 12-acre parcel in Corralitos, California. We grew apples and avocados, kept bees, and raised chickens. We brought our produce to the San Francisco farmers market and proudly sold our apples to Martinelli’s Apple Cider.

A few years later, Don (old man) Baird moved our family back to Oregon (his home state) and found the perfect orchard property in Dayton. He filled our young orchard with all kinds of apple trees, but he also planted several acres of Suncrest and Flamecrest yellow peaches, thanks to the brilliant suggestion of a friend at the local nursery.

Don and young Trevor started by selling our fruit to the Portland police and the court judges, but when farmers markets began popping up around Portland, we were among the first to sign up.

These days, the orchard includes many varieties of peach, cherry, nectarine, apricot, plum, pluot, and apple trees, and we are now able, with the help of our close friends and extended family, to bring our fruit to over 15 farmers markets in Oregon.

So, if you’re looking to impress friends with amazingly sweet and juicy peaches, or you just want to make your own little family happy, you can depend on us to put smiles on their faces and juice on their chins.

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, stop by a farmers market for a sample. If you live elsewhere, we’d love to ship you some of our delicious, juicy fruit. Just visit our online store!

Vendor Spotlight: Red Hat Melons

You are probably wondering how to tell when a melon is ripe. Just ask any of Linda and Scott Hessel’s children in the Red Hat Melon stand at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market. Having grown up practically in the melon fields, they have picked hundreds of melons. They, like their grandfather, Red Hat Melon grower, Mike Hessel, can tell the ripeness and will also predict when you can eat the melon you buy from them, almost to the hour. The Hessels are fun and friendly, the whole family pitches in at market time.

Red Hat Melons is famous for their fabulous luscious flavor and there is a variety of melons to choose from. Not only cantaloupe but watermelons too, orange, red and yellow, seeded and seedless.

Red Hat Melons are grown in the mid-Willamette Valley near Corvallis. Owner, Mike Hessel has been growing melons for 25 years. He participates in Farmer’s Markets the length of the valley and also delivers to New Seasons Markets.

Be sure to stop by the Red Hat Melon stand to talk about melons and say hi to   Scott and Linda Hessel and their children. You will have a chance to buy “the best melon you’ve ever eaten.”

Vendor Spotlight: Bull Run Cider

Located in Forest Grove, Oregon, Bull Run Cider produces fermented apple beverages commonly known as hard cider.  Our ciders include our flagship Powerhouse Dry, Gravenstein Single Varietal, Bramble Berry Dry, Creekside Cranberry Perry and Pear Ice Wine. We strive to develop interesting and great tasting hard cider and perry, experimenting with new fruit, techniques and processes each and every year.

We strive to make the best cider by using the highest quality ingredients. All of the fruit we use in our hard ciders and perries is grown within 100 miles of our cidery, much of it we harvest ourselves.  We do not use any artificial flavors or sweeteners in our ciders.

We value sustainability, which includes being responsible and active in our community.

Why Bull Run?

As many Portlanders already know the Bull Run watershed supplies pure, clean and fresh drinking water to the Portland Metro area. The Bull Run watershed was selected as a pristine drinking water source in Portland’s early days and continues to be so. We chose the Bull Run name because many of the above ideals truly resonate with us and as such our ciders are made from local, clean, fresh pressed apples.

Vendor Spotlight: Martinez Family Farms

We’ve got Veggies! Come by and see our large selection.