Washington County Sheriff’s Office: Exchange Info or Call Police?

By Sheriff Staff16 fender bender

You’re driving along, minding your own business, then . . . BAM! Another car collides with yours. Do you need to call the police or just exchange information?

When You DO Need to Call the Police

  • involves injuries
  • involves a crime
  • involves multiple vehicles
  • is blocking the flow of traffic
  • is in a dangerous area, such as a freeway
  • if damage to any vehicle involved is over $1,500
  • if damage to any one person’s property, other than an involved vehicle, is over $1,500
  • if a vehicle is towed from the scene as a result of damages from the crash
  • if the other driver does not have insurance
  • if you need help exchanging information with the other driver

When you DO NOT need to Call the Police

  • You do not need to call for non-injury collisions if you can safely exchange information with the other driver. In these situations, police do not determine which driver was at fault for the crash; that will be decided by the insurance companies.
  • No one plans on getting into a car crash, but being prepared can help reduce anxiety and get you back on the road quicker. Print our Accident Information Exchange Form for your glovebox. You can use it to help you and another driver exchange the necessary information.

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