What is Renewable Energy?

By City Staff07 renewable energy photo

Renewable energy is energy generated from sources that naturally replenish themselves. Such sources include solar, wind, rain, tides, geothermal heat and some forms of biomass. Nonrenewable energy or fossil fuel energy, is energy created from sources that cannot be renewed or created again. Once they are gone, scientists say that fossil fuels can take millions of years to create.

Due to the time it takes for fossil fuels to regenerate, renewable energy is an increasingly popular clean form of energy that Beaverton residents and businesses have readily available to them.

For example, in just one day, the sunlight that shines on the surface of the earth contains more than twice the energy the entire nation consumes in one year. Not only is the sun a renewable energy that is clean-burning, meaning it does not emit pollutants in the atmosphere such as greenhouse gases, it is also a reliable source of energy.

Since research on renewable energy has increased tremendously in the past few decades, prices for renewable energy have declined significantly. Did you know that the City of Beaverton has sourced one hundred percent renewable energy for its city operations since 2014?

If you’re interested in switching to renewables at your home or office, reach out to your local utility to ask about the costs and benefits of switching to renewable energy!