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With Spring Comes Flowering Trees: It is springtime in the Pacific Northwest.

| April 1, 2015 | 0 Comments

By Jared Lane

22 Spring flowering trees by Greg MattieSpringtime means that many of our multitude of trees are beginning to decorate our streets and yards with their bright spring flora. Over the next few weeks, we will be treated to one of the best displays of floral color that we’ll see all year. Here are some flowering trees to watch out for:.

Throughout the Beaverton area, we will be treated to the bright white or pink flowers of the prunus family. This includes plum and cherry trees. Most of these colorful trees that you will see planted around suburban areas are of the ornamental variety – meaning that they flower, but do not produce fruit.

We will also see ornamental pears and fruit producing apple (malus) trees. These will produce a multitude of flowers that are predominantly white. However, crabapple (a Pacific Northwest favorite) can produce a multitude of colors that can range from white, to a brilliant pink.

Be on the lookout for magnolia trees with about 80 varieties, 8 of which are native to North America. Magnolia trees are deciduous and bear large, often white flowers, usually around April. One variety is a star magnolia which has little star patterned white flowers; Other trees which have great flowers around this time are: Dogwoods (cornaceae) with white to greenish white or yellow flowers, Eastern redbuds (Cassia family) have a purple to pink color, Hawthorn (Rosacea family) have little flowers with 5 petals that are white or occasionally pink, Norway maples (Aceraceae) have greenish yellow flowers. All of these trees are seen throughout Beaverton and should not be missed with all of the colorful glory.

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