Community Message: June is a good time to get outside and meet your neighbors

By Rev. Jeff Binder

When I was little, I remember the excitement that came with the first weeks of June: summer had arrived and school was done for the year! It was time to play outside and play outside we did! My friends and I would approach each day with simple joy, gathering at each other’s homes to play any number of sports, ride our bikes to the neighborhood swimming pool, or go build forts in the woods.

The other great thing about June was that it seemed like everyone got the message to be outside. All of a sudden there seemed to be new faces of children and families that I never knew previously existed. New dogs were walked up and down the streets. Neighborhood parks were filled with families gathering for picnics and barbeques. It’s almost like there was a completely different community to celebrate the brief season of summer sun and warmth.

Today as we all enjoy the freshly rediscovered warmth and summer sun of June, I encourage you to find out who all of these new people are outside! What an amazing time of the year it is to realize that we are not alone, that there are so many wonderful other individuals, families, and pets of all sorts that are ready to enjoy the outdoors together as one community.

Rev. Jeff Binder is Pastor of Valley Community Presbyterian Church (USA). For more information about Valley community, contact us at, or call 503.292.3537.