2020 productivity advice… Turn off the lights

2020 productivity advice… Turn off the lights

What an awesome, crazy world we live in.

Our electronic world is fast, loud, exciting…and packed full of information.

Emails, texts, social media, every day we are relentlessly barraged by requests, messages, ads and much more!

Between work and personal use of our phones, tablets and computers…this adds up to a ton of wear and tear on your mind and psyche.

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I experienced massive information overload.  Have you been to Vegas?  Admittedly this was my 1st trip, and I loved it.  But it was exhausting.  We walked everywhere, and I loved that as I am a very active person.  But the barrage of info was coming from every direction.  Sides of building, vehicles, casinos, on the backs of people…there were flashing lights and demands for my attention everywhere.

On my last evening in Sin City, my cohorts and I dined at Black Out.  Yep, we dined in the pitch-black darkness.  Massive sensory deprivation…and it was fantastic!

We had to be led to our table holding on to each other.  We could see absolutely nothing.  Our waiter, Roscoe, described each of the 7 courses…but only to a certain extent.  He told us generally where our utensils and drinks were…but only to a certain extent.

The rest was up to us.  We had no sight.  We only had taste, smell and hearing.  It was a fun excursion into “the unkown” and very exciting.

But, along with the excitement…the darkness enveloping us was incredibly relaxing at the same time.


Here is a productivity focused idea for you in 2020:  Turn out the lights…leave your technology behind…turn on classical music.

Even if it is just once per week. Carve out time to relax, recharge, think, let your mind loose, and do nothing!  It works!  It’s Healthy!

Your productivity will thank you for it!

< – – JUST MOVE!

Words are the easy part.  Intent is not hard.  The hard part is execution…and the harder part is consistent execution.

Just remember, movement of any kind facilitates brain growth, mental energy, positive attitude, self-esteem, productivity, creativity and so much more.

An active lifestyle also fosters a healthier and beefed up immune system…helping you fight illness…keeping it at bay.

It’s proven!  It’s neuroscience!  It works!

Move!  Make it happen…again…and again…and again!

Make It Easy for People to Do, and Keep Doing Business with You!

Look Up…and Surprise Someone!

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