2020 Vision: It is January 2020, a New Year and a time for resolution

2020 Vision: It is January 2020, a New Year and a time for resolution

Instead of making some resolution that you won’t keep. Go deeper and find your purpose in life.

Upon reflection, it is with 20/20 hindsight that we can see where our lives have faltered in the past and with 20/20 foresight, we can see clearly what needs to be changed in our lives in the future. This year 2020 is a year of vision: a year when we are empowered to bring about those changes in our lives that will bring us ever closer toward realizing and acting upon God’s plan for us.

How can we know what is that plan? Pray!

If it all seems too confusing, just ask Him! Say, “Lead me Lord. I come to do your will!” He will tell you what is His plan for your life through His Holy Spirit. Just empty your mind of all cares and worries and thoughts about what you are doing at present and concentrate: Why has God created me? Why am I special to Him? Tell me, Lord!

Then listen with your heart and your mind for that gentle, silent whisper in your ear coming from His Holy Spirit telling you that He loves you and wants you to be His disciple. But, don’t worry; He will not give you too much. No, He will always give you only what you can handle and He will give you the graces to do it!

By The Rev. Father Vincent Varnas, Priest-in-Charge, Holy Angels Anglo-Catholic Church, Beaverton/Aloha, Oregon

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