25 Years of Community Partnerships with Dirkse Counseling and Consulting



Dirkse Counseling & Consulting (DCC) is approaching its 25th anniversary year in January 2022, and we are already looking forward to looking back at some of the many relationships that have contributed to our success.

DCC is especially proud of the longstanding partnership we’ve had with Beaverton School District’s Community Transition Program (CTP). CTP is a structured program for students ages 18-21 who graduated with a non-standard diploma. Students in the community-based program are provided with classroom instruction and community opportunities, with a focus on pre-vocational and vocational skills. The skilled and dedicated team of teachers, assistant teachers, support staff, and administrators are there daily to support these students as they learn and grow in their journey to work.


“Our community partnership with DCC has been extremely helpful and valuable to our students transitioning out of school services.  DCC has been instrumental in helping students gain competitive paid employment in jobs that meet their individual needs and interests.  We look forward to the relationships DCC will continue to build in the community on behalf of CTPs students.” — Steven Baer, CTP Teacher


The partnership between DCC and CTP has led to many successful job placements with a variety of employers including: The Portland Timbers, Fred Meyer, Albertsons/Safeway, D’Vida Health & Wellness Clinic, TopGolf, Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Killer Burger, Aim High Martial Arts, Oregon Health Sciences University, support positions on the Nike campus, and many other great job matches in the Beaverton Community.

DCC looks forward to many more years of partnership with CTP, and to seeing the smiling faces of future CTP students as we work together to help them reach their goal of obtaining meaningful employment with our Beaverton area businesses.


For more information about Dirkse’s mission and programs, please call (503)-265-9256.