3 new pugs from Mexico, help us give them a warm welcome

3 new pugs from Mexico, help us give them a warm welcome



This past weekend, we welcomed 3 pugs and 1 chug from Mexico. These poor babies have never been taken care of and were covered in ticks. They all have ehrlichia from the ticks, which is a non-contagious disease dogs get from ticks. It can make them very ill by lowering their platelets to the point of needing a transfusion, but we are hopeful the initial care they got will stabilize them until they can get here. They all stopped in Tijuana last week and got spayed along with some basic treatments, one of them had pyometra.

They are all young dogs, so we are happy to bring them here and give them a chance at a full life as a loved family member!

We have already spent nearly $3000 to get them the basic medical care and the transport costs and of course once they get here there will be much more care needed. International rescue is always costly, but we just can’t turn these poor dogs away. If you are able to donate, we of course would appreciate any help! But don’t forget there are other ways to help if you don’t have the extra money laying around and you can read more about those by going to our website!


If you are interested in learning more, visit www.pacificpugrescue.org or email adoptions@pacificpugrescue.org