4 Ways daily meditation can help improve your health and change your body for the better

4 Ways daily meditation can help improve your health and change your body for the better



We’ve already highlighted that meditation, though it’s mostly a form of mental training, doesn’t only improve brain function. Various studies have shown that regular meditation can change your body for the better in the following ways:

Improved blood flow: Meditation puts the mind in a cool, calm, collected state, consequently stabilizing your heartbeat. Keeping that blood pressure steady ensures reliable delivery of oxygen and nutrients across the whole body.

Enhanced metabolic function: It goes without saying that your organs will function much better now that they’re well-supplied. Meditation also helps in balancing hormonal levels, which lessens cellular inflammation and helps prevent disease.

Regulating the nervous system: Besides de-stressing the mind, meditation also improves how the nervous system handles stress. It keeps the sympathetic nervous system (responsible for the fight-or-flight response) from overreacting, which prevents unnecessary panic attacks.

Reproductive function: A number of genetic studies have established that women who meditate regularly have better odds of conceiving and are more likely to deliver healthy babies.

You can think of daily meditation as a hygiene ritual akin to taking a shower or brushing your teeth. It sanitizes your mind and cultivates harmony across all aspects of your being.


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