6 recently rescued pugs still need help

6 recently rescued pugs still need help

On May 27th this year, we were made aware of a situation with dumped pugs in Clatstop and Columbia Counties. There was a total of 6 pugs found dumped along rural roads in different locations. One pug was deceased, the others had been taken to Animal control.

It is believed all these pugs came from a breeder dump. All the pugs have rear leg deformities. The pugs were transferred during the following week and currently, all of the pugs are in our care.

This is obviously a very distressing case, and we are heartbroken for these pugs. While we certainly hope the person/monster responsible is found and prosecuted, we are focused on taking care of the pugs and getting them needed medical care. If you have any information regarding where these pugs may have come from, please reach out to animal control in either county.

We can tell you this is going to be a very expensive endeavor, frankly we are in a bit of shell shock with the impending costs of treatment. We will do EVERYTHING for these pugs, and we will make sure they all get the treatment needed. We are not sure how we will do it, but we know we have a wonderful pug army behind us that will help us get through this!

For the 4 dogs that will need the leg surgeries we have spent $3500 each just getting their basic care and the CT scans and consults done. We are still waiting for the estimates for their actual surgery and will share that as soon as we have it. We have spent a total of about $15,000 so far on these 5 alone. There are lots more expenses to come so we appreciate any help you can give!


If you’d like to help give these pugs a long, happy life, please reach out: adoptions@pacificpugrescue.org.