A Beaverton police officer up for an award for life risking rescue

A Beaverton police officer up for an award for life risking rescue



On August 30, 2022, around 2:30 AM, a report came in of a single vehicle crash in central Beaverton. The report was a BMW crashed into a tree, rolled on its side, and was on fire.

Three-year veteran of the Beaverton Police Department, Officer Nicholas Jacobs responded to the report. Upon arrival he located the vehicle, a 2013 black BMW, rolled on its passenger side, the engine compartment of the BMW was on fire. The BMW had been traveling at such a rate of speed prior to the crash that, when it left the roadway, it took out a nearby tree – detaching the trunk from its roots.

Officer Jacobs quickly assessed the scene and determined there was a sole male occupant trapped on the passenger side against the passenger window. The local fire department and EMS had not arrived at the crash. Officer Jacobs knew time was of essence to prevent further injury or death of the occupant. He knew the fire could lead to an explosion and/or quickly overtake the rest of the BMW, killing the occupant.

With no time to waste and despite the danger to himself, Officer Jacobs approached the burning BMW and used a window punch to break the sunroof out. Officer Jacobs had to quickly retreat from the vehicle because of the temperature of the vehicle fire. He retreated to a safe location and yelled to the occupant to remove himself from the burning vehicle. There was no response from the occupant.

Despite the immense heat and small explosions coming from the burning BMW, Officer Jacobs returned to the vehicle twice more. On his last attempt he was able to grab the occupant and pull him out and away from the burning vehicle.

As a result of Officer Jacobs heroic effort, the occupant of the vehicle only sustained minor injuries from the crash. Since the crash, family members of the occupant have been in contact with the Beaverton Police Department. They attribute Officer Jacobs efforts to saving the life of their loved one.

For his actions Officer Jacobs has received the Life Saving award from our metro area fire agency (Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue) and has been nominated for a Distinguished Service Medal at the Beaverton Police Department.


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