A Catalog of Hot Springs, Treat yourself to a relaxing visit

A Catalog of Hot Springs, Treat yourself to a relaxing visit

One part of Oregon’s wilderness landscape that I appreciate the most are its natural hot springs. Nothing compares to the relaxing feeling one gets from soaking in a hot pool way out in nature.

My family goes every year except last year when our spring break plans to visit a hot springs resort were brought to a halt due to the pandemic. We were just two and a half hours away when we got the phone call that told us that all reservations were cancelled. So much for going to a hot spring every year! In the meantime, to satisfy my longing to visit a hot spring, I’ve found myself looking online for the best places to visit all over the state. Hot springs are a natural attraction that I strongly recommend visiting, and here are the ones that I’ve visited in Oregon so far.


Breitenbush Hot Springs

While closed until Memorial Day due to the damage from last summer’s fires, Breitenbush Hot Springs is a large hot springs resort east of Detroit Lake. One of the largest resorts in the state, it is famous for its large collection of soaking pools, a sauna, and beautiful scenery. The pools range in temperature, and the hottest pool was only used by a few people at a time. One word to describe this place is: leisure, provided by the many activities and large space. The amenities and infrastructure were the best out of all the hot springs I’ve been to.


Bagby Hot Springs

Second is one that is unfortunately closed due to the Riverside wildfire. Bagby Hot Springs is about a 3-hour drive from Beaverton making it fairly popular and busy. About 6 wooden bathtubs where the scalding hot water pools are situated in wooden shacks. Three tubs were also available for multiple people to use. One word for this one was: bare-bones.


Cougar Hot Springs

Finally, Cougar Hot Springs in Willamette National Forest was a good middle ground between the previous two. It is a small but well-developed set of 5 pools ranging from hot to mild. The surrounding part of the forest has beautiful scenery and is good for activities. Cougar hot springs is a day trip pick-me-up!


Shion Britten is a junior at Southridge High School and enjoys playing the trumpet, baseball & hiking.