A day in the park is a very good day: Winter registration is open and Spring registration is around the corner

A day in the park is a very good day: Winter registration is open and Spring registration is around the corner


Winter Registration is Open: Winter registration is still open. You can still register online at www.thprd.org/portal.  Winter registration covers classes from January through April 2023.

Save the Date for Spring Registration! In-district registration begins on Saturday, February 25 at 8 am for spring offerings.  Out-of-district registration follows up on Monday, February 27.  Plan your spring activities early and reserve your spot!

Financial Aid is Available THPRD offers financial assistance to people to help offset the expense of registering for classes.  Households whose income falls below the Federal Free Meal Guidelines are eligible to receive up to $200 per person annually in fee waivers.  For a family of four, this would result in the family having $800 per year to use and register for THPRD programming.  To learn more and apply for financial aid, please visit www.thprd.org/activities/financial-aid.

Winter Fitness in the Park:  The Winter Fitness in the Park schedule is available at www.thprd.org and new FREE classes begin January 9.

Personal Training Available: THPRD offers personal training at Cedar Hills Recreation Center, Conestoga Recreation & Aquatic Center, Garden Home Recreation Center and the Elsie Stuhr Senior Center.  We have knowledgeable, certified personal trainers who are ready to create a plan to help you reach your goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, run a marathon, or just become a healthier you, our trainers will give you the tools that you need to get there!  Check out THPRD’s personal training options at www.thprd.org/activities/personal-training.

Volunteer Opportunities Looking for a way to help out in your community? THPRD offers plenty of volunteer opportunities, including one-day sign-ups for events, garden clean-ups, trail maintenance, and more.  Check out the district’s volunteer opportunities at www.thprd.org.

Introducing Capulin (kehp-up-leen) Park: We’ve finalized a preliminary park concept plan for the new park coming to the West Slope area and are excited to show it off to the community. The name Capulin is a slang term for cherry that was used by Bracero workers picking Bing Cherries in the Pacific Northwest. The term Bracero refers to people from Mexico who came to the United States to work as seasonal agricultural workers in the early and mid-1900s. When the Bracero agricultural workers saw Oregon cherries, they were reminded of Capulin cherries native to Central and South America. By naming this park, Capulin Park, THPRD is choosing to honor the rich history and contributions of the Bracero workers who provided critical agricultural labor in Oregon for many years.

Registration Assistance for English Language Learners: THPRD’s special registration assistance program for English Language Learners, Centro de Bienvenida, continues to grow and expand.  For Winter Registration, THPRD was able to provide specialized help to nearly 100 households resulting in 580 registrations, a 24% increase over Fall term.  Language specific assistance was provided to Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Kurdish, and Russian speakers.  In additional financial aid and transportation assistance were provided to families in need.


Visit www.thprd.org/events/ to find out more information about all these events and more!