A puppy rescue success story: Meet Nova

A puppy rescue success story: Meet Nova



In late March, the Pacific Pug Rescue took in what would be called “the Missouri 9”! For those not aware, they have big auctions in Missouri for puppy mill breeder dogs. The dogs are brought here to sell to the highest bidder. Many of those dogs are purchased to go to another breeder to continue their awful life. Some of these dogs if not purchased will just be euthanized.

What a surprise we got when puppy mill girl Nova went to her initial vet appointment and we found out she is pregnant! Nova is due towards the end of April and we are scrambling to get everything in order so we can be ready for this precious arrivals!

Sayde and Patty of Rainbow Heart Rescue have agreed to give us a hand and foster Nova through her pregnancy and babies. We wanted someone who had lots of experience and we are lucky that Sayde works at Guardian Veterinary Care where Nova is getting her care.

We also want to thank The Filling Station Pet Supplies for agreeing to donate Nova’s special food during this time as mama is going to need lots of nutrition to take care of all those babies!

To help with the veterinary expenses for the Missouri 9, the Pacific Pug Rescue held a raffle for an Oregon Coast beach vacation getaway, raising nearly $9,000 for the care of the pugs.

Follow the Pacific Pug Rescue on Facebook and keep watching their page for a proper introduction to each pug and also watch for stories as fosters post pics of them in their new homes they will share!


If you are interested in adopting a pug, please visit us online at www.pacificpugrescue.org or email adoptions@pacificpugrescue.org.