Adopt this cute bonded Pair

Adopt this cute bonded Pair



Hello! I am Buffalo and I am here to introduce you to me and my bestie Wang Zai! We were surrendered to a pug rescue in Los Angeles, but then we were transferred here to find our home in the Pacific Northwest!

I am sometimes referred to as a “big baby”…my only goal in life is to get as close as possible to you and follow you everywhere…it is my only job! I am very mellow and happy to just hang out with you all the time. Toys…no thank you, walks…Ok but can we snuggle afterwards? I will gently use my paw to remind you to touch me if you forget.

My buddy Wang Zai is the exact opposite of me, he is what we refer to as a “character”.  Wang Zai is older than me and blind, but he acts young and is full of energy and mischief! Even though Wang Zai is blind, he bulldozes into any situation and is not worried at all about the fact that he cannot see. Because of this it will be important that any obstacles such as stairs or decks are blocked and kept safe, otherwise he will hurt himself.

He loves stuffies and he loves to play. He is always up for some adventure and really loves to go for walks.

We both are healthy guys and don’t need any medications. We are crate trained and like being in a large crate together. Our potty training needs a bit more work, so we will need someone dedicated to being consistent and patient with us. We would be the perfect Yin and Yang that you are looking for in your life!


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