Adorable pugs from Mexico: Charlie, Gordo & Raul

Adorable pugs from Mexico: Charlie, Gordo & Raul



We welcomed 3 boys from Mexico this weekend, all from different rescues and areas! They all settled in quite quickly to their foster homes and are all adorable!

Charlie is a 2-year-old black pug that flew in late last night and got picked up at midnight at the airport! He is already trying to play with the dogs in his foster home and seems to be settling in well.

Gordo took a long bus ride from Los Angeles to Portland and was picked up early Sunday morning at 1:30AM. He has had a few whirlwind days. He was picked up in Mexicali made a trek to Tijuana where he was neutered, then drove to LA, then on a bus to us! You can tell by his face he is wondering what the heck is going on!

Raul came to us by bus transport also all the way from the Baja Peninsula of Mexico! He arrived Saturday morning by bus and is settling in wonderfully.

All the boys will see the vet this week, they are all neutered and vaccinated, but we will get them fully checked over and do dentals on them if they need it. Raul will need to get a consult with a surgeon for his hip.

As you can see these rescues take a lot of coordination and planning and we do have transportation costs to pay in addition to getting them their medical care.

Your year end donation will help us continue to be able to do these missions in 2024!


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