Adversity Rocks!

Adversity Rocks!



As we close 2023, I would like to thank all of you for reading my scribblings over the years.

Sadly, this will be my last Catalyst Article, as I will be focusing on some other projects.


Adversity…it stinks. Who wants it?

Don’t we always want things to go well? Don’t we always want life to be rosy?

Certainly! But…that is not life. Life is messy.

Hurdles and losses are simply a part of life. Personal life and business life.


Adversity…while it stinks…also rocks!

Clemson University Head Football Coach, Dabo Sweeny, has this to say about Adversity: “It’s the adversity in our life that really shapes us, develops us, teaches us perseverance, and helps us create change. I always say, where there’s no challenge, there’s no change.”

Here in 2023, my company celebrated a full decade in business. And, with a global pandemic taking place within that 10-year period…we emerged healthy and as of today, larger than ever.

I thank my lucky stars for the adversity in my life! It honed me into a lean, mean, hardworking business machine. Sure, I’m far from perfect and I make mistakes every day. But adversity has followed me through life and made me stronger and more creative.

My adversity is my own. Yours is yours. Mine might be greater than yours…or lesser.

My father passed away when I was 7 and my mother raised my sister and I by herself.

I wanted to go to college. My parents were not college grads. My sister and I were to be the college grads my parents never were. But we had no $$. So, with $2000 left over from my bar mitzvah, I headed off to college, knocked on the door of the financial aid office to see if they had a few bucks I could borrow. While others vacationed, I worked to pay my way through school.

Years later, after 15 years with the same company, my wife and I began a buyout to take over that same business. A few years later, after the economy tanked, our partnership with my former boss failed, and he took back over. We were at rock bottom.

When I founded my company, no one we knew ran a company like this. It was unproven. We began with nothing other than an idea and hard work ethic. We were unknown and had to fight and scratch to build what we thought was a fantastic business.

Our business is an organization that works with large groups of humans. In year 7 of our existence…a global pandemic hit, and we could no longer work with large groups of humans! What were we to do? We got funky! We dipped deep into our creative well! We rolled up our sleeves and worked hard! We made it!

Don’t run from adversity! Face it head on! Embrace it…and let it teach you, improve you and change you!

Thanks for reading The Catalyst over the years. Be well!

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