Age Café: normalizing the inevitable: Death, taxes, and… aging

Age Café: normalizing the inevitable: Death, taxes, and… aging

We are all aging all the time, no matter how much we resist these beautiful transitions.

Age Café is a monthly opportunity to listen and share about your own aging experiences. We all age, and now with Age Café we can share this inevitable process with neighbors. We are never alone knowing others are traveling similar paths of transition.

When our son crawled out of his crib and announced his freedom with “Ta da!”, we knew a transition lay before us. When our daughter’s training wheel broke free and rolled past her bicycle, she was set free, and we had to adjust to the new limits of her capacity.

The one thing we could count on was that change was going to happen again, and again, and again. Grade school happened, middle school happened, then high school, college, then departure. When did they become guests in our home rather than residents?

Aging keeps happening. Every transition marks a new stage or a new “age.” Each transition comes with excitement and expectation and inevitably with loss. Reminiscence happens without warning, sometimes with a smile of joyful remembrance, sometimes with a tear of sadness. I am grateful to have these moments of sorrowful joy. These moments enrich the present with lessons from the past.

  • Age Café provides an opportunity to share thoughts and feelings about life’s inevitabilities. Comfort comes from realizing these feelings and thoughts are not unique. Everyone is having similar joys, frustrations, memories, and learnings. Everyone’s story is, of course, different, but there is so much we have in common.
  • Age Café allows us to listen and learn from the wisdom of others. We are not alone in the changes that we undergo. Finding others in similar experiences is a salve for those moments of loneliness that also arise.
  • Age Café unites us. Aging is not always an easy journey, but it can be a shared journey, an adventure in which we have companions.
  • Age Café occurs on the first Friday of the month at Beaverton City Library Main, 11 a.m. to noon. Come meet, listen to, and share with your neighbors. Join others in your community by attending Age Café.

To check the Age Café schedule, go to or pick up a printed event calendar at the Beaverton City Library.


By Wade McJacobs and Martha McJacobs, Beaverton Committee on Aging. Learn more about the committee at