Amazing acts of generosity Can lead to more abundance and generosity

Amazing acts of generosity Can lead to more abundance and generosity

The Presbytery of the Cascades (Portland) organized a “Stimulus Grant Challenge” a few months back in an effort to inspire local Presbyterian Church (USA) congregations to think about how they can be a blessing to their respective communities. In a time where money seems to be short and many are experiencing economic hardships, the Presbytery issued a check for $1,000 to each of its 99 churches and worshiping communities with the instructions to share God’s abundance with the neighborhood. As of this month, 85 of the 99 churches reported using these funds to inspire even more generosity, raising an additional $393,000 to help address community needs. Valley Community used its $1,000 grant to raise a total of $5,801.23 that was given to Beaverton School District family hunger relief programs.

I wonder… how many more opportunities are there to help share God’s abundance with others in need today? Even when we feel that there is just not enough to go around, Jesus tells us to share with generous and thankful hearts. The amazing thing is that the act of generosity does not lead to scarcity, but instead leads to more abundance and generosity.

How can we share in generosity these days? Maybe it’s sharing money with others. Or maybe it’s giving of our time to have a meaningful conversation with someone who just needs to talk. How can volunteering help not only others, but also ourselves? It is a blessing to wake up each day of our life; how will we share our blessings with others so that they may in turn continue sharing God’s blessings with even more in the world?

~Pastor Jeff

Rev. Jeff Binder is the Pastor at Valley Community Presbyterian Church. Visit us at: