Andrew gets a new start at Golden Valley Brewery, it’s the perfect match for him

Andrew gets a new start at Golden Valley Brewery, it’s the perfect match for him



During the pandemic closures and quarantine, so many people had to give up jobs they loved. This was the case for Andrew, but in late 2021 he was ready to get back to a job that would be a good fit and he would enjoy.

Andrew’s job developer knew that he would prefer a place that was not too crowded or loud, and that would provide him with a routine he would thrive in. She learned that Golden Valley Brewery was hiring for support positions, and they were happy to meet Andrew and have him fulfill their staffing needs of preparing the restaurant for opening.

Each morning, Andrew makes sure that the dining areas are clean and ready to go, and the friendly and welcoming staff are very happy for the work he is doing. Co-worker Terri expressed gratitude for the tasks he performs such as taking down all the chairs and barstools (around 50 of them!) and making sure the tables and highchairs are all clean. She misses him on his days off!

His job coaches, those who support him, say that his skills have grown in this position, he is always listening and learning, and is an awesome client to work with. He always arrives with enthusiasm and willingness to work hard. His mom sums it up this way, “Andrew loves his job at Golden Valley. He enjoys the people around him and they enjoy him! He has great job coaches that support him and has thrived with the predictable routine of the job. Working at Golden Valley has been the perfect match for him.”

In April Andrew will celebrate a year of successful and meaningful employment!



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