Appreciating the complexities of the sport: To me, baseball is about looking at the details

Appreciating the complexities of the sport: To me, baseball is about looking at the details

It took a few weeks to prepare, but autumn swiftly ushered in harsh winds and rain that preceded chilling nights.

For me, October is an exciting month for one reason: the World Series. One aspect about this year that hasn’t disappointed me was baseball (and the fact that it was one of the few major sports that has gone throughout its season without any problems).

Baseball is one of my favorite sports to watch for a couple of reasons. First, its rich history, which spans back over 150 years, is unparalleled in American sports and makes the game all the more captivating to watch.

Players are still challenging records that were set several decades prior by those who were immortalized at the hall of fame.

Another aspect of baseball that makes it one of best is the fact that it is an extremely international sport. Leagues in Japan, Korea, and Mexico are extremely popular and contribute to their respective countries’ love for baseball. Watching leagues in other countries gives me quite an insight into their sport’s culture and at least when it comes to baseball, I’ve learned to appreciate the differences in strategy.

I am also interested in an aspect of baseball that many people don’t consider often. It’s the mental side of the sport.

Intimidation, for example, takes part in every sport, but the battle between pitcher and batter is all about seeing who breaks first.

The pressure of being on a professional baseball team is all about performing at the right time, no matter how good one is. It’s a game of endurance, and the ability to perform under pressure.

To me, watching baseball is about looking at the details and appreciating the complexities within a simple sport.

Shion will be a junior at Southridge high school and enjoys playing the trumpet, baseball and hiking.