Are you a Savvy Caregiver? Nationally renowned program comes to Portland area

Are you a Savvy Caregiver? Nationally renowned program comes to Portland area

When you think of the term “savvy” what comes to mind? Perhaps someone who knows how to get what they want or need in a challenging environment by using “street smarts”. Giving and receiving direct care can be challenging, and a family caregiver who provides assistance to a person experiencing a dementing illness needs all the help they can get.

A nationally renowned evidence-based program, The Savvy Caregiver is now being offered in the Portland Metro Area. This 6-week (12 hours total) program, developed by Emory University, supports family caregivers by providing practical training to successfully navigate the cognitive changes impacting their lives.

Many family members become caregivers by way of being in a relationship with the care recipient; and the role of caregiving is important work that requires specific knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful. Graduates of the Savvy Caregiving program report feeling more confident in their ability to:

  • Keep their person enjoyably involved in daily life
  • Help their person remain calm and in control
  • Manage their own personal well-being while providing care, and
  • Strengthen family involvement in caregiving and identify community resources that can help.

United Homecare Services and Cohen Caregiving Support Consultants have joined together to offer the Savvy Caregiver program to participants at no cost this fall. This investment of time and resources represents a real commitment to partner with families who do 80%-90% of the tasks associated with caregiving.

Unless a caregiver happens to have been trained as a nurse or other health care worker, he or she cannot be expected to know what the task of caregiving demands or how to accomplish it. Family caregivers need training!

To find a Savvy Caregiver class near you, call your local ARDC (Aging and Disability Resource Connection) toll free at 855-673-2372. For questions, call Bill at Cohen Caregiving Support Consultants (503-522-8320) or Rhonda Kay at United Homecare Services (503-433-8079)